Our Clients

ExRAD has provided services to clients in Canada and the United states since 2002.

We focus our efforts in helping small to medium sized companies become "Web Enabled". Non-profit associations, businesses and even entrepreneurs launching a new web based business idea.

Often, however, even very large organizations require software applications for non-core activities. In general, software companies which service the largest organizations are simply not geared towards to undertaking smaller projects economically. Due to this fact, we have also performed work for very large organizations such as:

  • Canada's Federal Government (Health Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Transport Canada),
  • Municipal Governments (Regional Municipality of Waterloo),
  • Corporations (Nortel Networks, Versant Corporation)

In many cases, in addition to developing the applications, we also host the applications on our dedicated high performance servers and also host their database (learn more about ExRAD Application Hosting).



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