Why Custom Applications Make Business Sense.

One of the most common questions people ask is, "How Can Custom Developed Software Be Competitive with off-the Shelf Software.

voyagerThe answer is this:  Simply put, off-the shelf software is like a Full Function Multi-Knife with 30 different tools. While each tool is rather limited, however, works well. The focus of the tool is to provide the broadest range of function to meet all user requirements, and in a pinch, it may get the job done. However, the performance of the multi-tool screwdriver is not comparable to a stand alone good quality screwdriver,  and the small saw blade is a long cry from a chain saw.

Custom Software is a tool specifically developed for your organization's needs. It provides the exact required functionality and level of performance.

The following provides an insight into why custom software is a superior choice for your business applications.

  • Software Development Frameworks

    • Software Development has evolved at an incredible pace over the past several years owing in large part to the development of sophisticated software frameworks, such as Microsoft's .NET framework.

    • Today, application can be coded in a broad range of languages, all making equal use of the power of the Framework (C++.NET, Visual Basic.NET, C#.NET, J#.NET)

    • Most importantly, such software can now be written in a fraction of the time as compared to a similar application written just 3 years ago.

    • The Framework enables software developers to write code which is far more stable, expandable and non-proprietary in nature meaning that not only do you receive a functional application, but you also receive and own the source code.

  • Your software - No License Required
    • Software Licensing is a key cost consideration. Many applications require annual licensing, and per user licensing. You pay for years, and have no physical ownership to show for it. Many licensing schemes do not even permit resale of software licenses. Custom application from ExRAD are your organizations property and its assets.

    • Custom Applications provide exactly the functionality you require and provide the functionality exactly as per your requirements.

  • Database Driven Applications
    • Custom Applications powered by databases such as Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Oracle provide the ideal means of data storage from which your entire organization can share data. From invoicing, to sales leads, a properly designed Database can literally transform the way your organization understands and utilizes its business information.

    • Application data can be accessed through a broad array of common software including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Imagine the power of incorporating your live business data into invoices, reports, presentations, or sales literature. Anyone in your organization with a basic knowledge of MS Office products can do it.

  • RAD Tools
    • The benefits of the .NET Framework are multiplied when used along side a host of ""RAD" (Rapid Application Development) software tools.

    • RAD tools enable software developers to focus on the application's function, rather than on coding details and syntax further improving software performance, reliability and empowering development of future functions and utilities.

  • Browser Based Applications
    • The .NET Framework enables software developers to write applications which operate through a browser client (ASP.NET pages), as easily as through use of a Windows Client (conventional software which runs on a PC).

    • The application can be run from any location and any computer that has a connection to the application (LAN or WEB connection).  Besides increased accessibility, this also means that the application does not need to be physically installed on each client computer. Your sales staff will be able to access corporate data from anywhere in the world.

  • Ease of Use
    • Probably one of the most important reasons for custom developing applications is the simplicity for users. Why learn a complex Business Management application when all you need to do is file a purchase order.  Simplicity improves productivity and reduces costs. Most importantly, it permits employees to focus their attention to the job at hand rather than learning and battling with software.

    • Applications can be written to show users only features and functions relevant to their work. Nothing more and nothing less. Define users by different categories (i.e. "Users", "Managers", "Administrators" or maybe Production, Sales and Management). Each group can be presented with on-screen tools and options specific for that user even when viewing the exact same page of the application.

    In summary, today, small to medium size companies can benefit from custom designed applications. No longer is off-the shelf software the only route. No longer do companies have to settle for someone else's ideas of functionality and processes. Custom software provides the exact functionality which your organization needs and provides expandability for the future.

    Contact us to see how your organization can benefit.

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